Latest Announcements

Latest Announcements

15th Nov, 2021

As of Nov 2021, we're bringing out an upgraded version (2.0) of our tool at with the below listed new features:

1. Editor with advanced features like RTL language support, inserting Tables, Special characters and symbols

2. Power to use various font styles

3. Canva integration, so one can design cover pages from within the platform

4. Ability to create 2 sided PDF with blank pages in between so that new chapters always start on the right side of the book

5. Generate print ready PDF files

6. Stripe payment gateway integration

The earlier version (1.0), the one having the eBooks marketplace, is being moved to India domain.

All the data including the users and are retained as is.

Because of this change, the URLs for the existing ebooks and blogs that are showcased currently at our website, change from .com to .in domain.

If you wish to edit the existing eBooks/blogs then you can continue to do so at India domain.

Whereas for creating new eBooks, we recommend you to use platform after signing up afresh.

The existing users will get an email invite to join the new platform.

For any questions/clarifications, please write to us at