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Digital publishing made quick and easy!

Magic Author is a platform to create eBooks in any language and sell them online. Our mission is to empower writers and creative designers around the world

The platform is packed with automated tools for eBook formatting, structuring / layout and generates eBooks in formats including:

- ePUB for Google and Amazon stores

- Standard PDF for the web

- One sided Print ready PDFs

- Two sided Print ready PDFs (with blank pages in between)

Behind the scenes...



Hi, I'm Saptharishi Suresh aka Saptha, a published author and a data scientist. Back in 2010, while trying to publish a paperback of my book, "The Wake-up Call" ,  I faced a lot of challenges with traditional print medium.  Hence I built this tool at MagicAuthor.com to make life easy for authors and publishers.

MagicAuthor embraces a digital only strategy thereby avoiding the expenses, delays and limitations that comes along with the print medium.

I constantly keep on upgrading the platform to include more power packed features, and they are made affordable to all at the cost of a dime.

What more features you'd like to see? Write to me at [email protected]

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